Mesh Tea Infuser Pincer Spoon

    Our stainless steel mesh tea infuser is perfect for easily grabbing and straining our loose tea. The long handle proves easy to scoop and place the loose tea into a tea cup. The pinch to open handle allows you to scoop our loose tea perfectly without the need to measure out a tea spoon. 

    It does not need to be overfilled as only one half of the strainer needs filling, making it hassle free for anyone to use. 

    Perfect size for one cup of tea, it allows room for our loose tea to fully expand, leaving you with the best flavour possible. 

    It can be used for all loose tea types as the mesh holes are small enough to prevent majority of tea escaping into your cup, even with our fine rooibos loose tea.

    Why not take a look at our stainless steel tea scoop, perfect for one cup of tea.

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