Paper Tea Filters

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A pack of 100 of our paper tea filters that act as a perfect substitute to a tea bag. Our size 1 is ideal for a tea cup and nicely holds enough loose tea for one cup. 

Like the rest of our products, we focus massively on the environment and sustainability in every area, therefore our paper filters are beholden to our primary values. They are 100% biodegradable and are made from trees in Canada that are taken from sustainable, managed forests. They do not leave blocked sinks after throwing loose tea away as you can quite simply compost them with your loose tea leaves after use.

The filters allow for the loose tea to expand and leave plenty of room for the tea leaves to move around, for a great infuse, leading to great tasting tea.

By folding the top corner of the filter over after placing your tea inside, it rests nicely on the edge of your tea cup or pot, meaning there is no need for a holder.