Kensington Breakfast Tea Mini Pack

An exceptional, high-class tea that we bee-lieve you will love!

Our Kensington Breakfast Tea is certainly a high-class tea to start or end your day the right way. It is a beautiful blend of Assam and Kenyan black teas that are mixed with a sprinkle of calming Safflower petals to produce a wonderfully flavorful tasting tea. Perfect with or without any kind of milk.

Ingredients: Luxury Black Tea, naturally dried safflower petals.

Suitable for Vegans

How to Store: Store in an airtight container away from light, moisture and strong odours. Do not freeze.

Origin: Assam India, Kericho Kenya.

How to make the perfect cup:

  • x1 teaspoon per cup
  • Infuse for 3-7 mins 

How best to serve: We recommend drinking this tea with boiled water, with the option of adding dairy or alternative milk, to suit your preference. Breakfast tea is typically drank with milk in England but is delightful with or without. Our Kensington Breakfast Tea is great as an iced black tea, to see how we make ours, please see our recipes on our social media or our recipes page.