Luxury Selection Box

One of our signature Tea Bees boxes, come in two sizes we have a box of six or ten, so you can try multiple flavours. The perfect size mini packs allow for 6-8 cups from each one, on average. A wonderful gift or treat that doesn't leave you having to make the difficult choice between our teas.

Our mini packs are each a minimum of 18g and range in flavours.

The amount of loose tea that can fit inside each pouch does depend on the specific tea that is being packed, volume and leaf size, as some are lighter than others.

With each flavour, the back label on our packets includes brew time and the recommended spoons per cup to ensure different teas can be made to perfection everytime, tasting as fresh as the day they were picked. Each mini pack is resealable for the highest quality freshness, in a stand up pouch. 

Of course all of our teas included are suitable for vegans.

Our selection boxes are a random group of flavours selected by us, unique to each box. No two boxes are ever the same, leaving you an element of surprise after each purchase. We ensure that there are never two of the same tea flavour in any box, so that you can try as many as possible. 

Why not take a look at our paper filters, perfect to add ease to serving your loose tea.